How to pair and connect with your smart device? - Avantree Voth (BTHS-6G-BLK)

The first time you turn on VOTH it begins the pairing procedure.


Step 1. Swith the power button to"ON", Voth will automatically enter pairing mode, the headset will flashing Orange and White alternatively.

(Otherwise you need to let headset go into PAIRING mode by PRESSING and HOLDING the "MFB" 2s until the LED blinks Orange the White alternatively.)

Step 2. Activate Bluetooth on your phone and search the new devices.

Step 3. Select "Avantree VOTH" to pair and connect.

Step 4. Once paired and connected, you will hear "Connected".


Once paired and connected, the headset will automatically connect to your phone whenever you turn the headset on again and provided it in range.


The headset will automatically switch itself off if disconnected over 30 minutes.

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