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User Manual

 USB Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

 Avantree leaf

  1. Features & AptX Low Latency

 Avantree leaf is a Bluetooth audio transmitter incorporating the latest “AptX low latency” technology, for CD-like quality sound with virtually no delay. Ideal for games, watching movies on PC/iMac without lip sync delay. Also, with multipoint support, you can share the fun and enjoyment of audio with others.

 Aptx Low latency 

To take advantage of the better performance of the APTX Low Latency Codec, the receiver must support the same codec. If the receiver only supports the normal AptX codec, or the SBC one, these codecs will be used instead.

Audio delay when paired with different headphones/receiver-

Headphones/receiver support

The audio delay will be

aptX Low Latency codec

Around 40ms

aptX codec

Around 180ms

SBC codec (most standard Bluetooth audio)

Around 250ms

2.Product Overview 


Set leaf to pairing mode – Hold MFB for 2 seconds until LED rapidly alternates BLUE and WHITE
Manually reconnect – Press MFB  once 
Make a VOIP call – Double click MFB enable TALK MODE, LED illuminates white (Once the call has finished, double click MFB again to return to music streaming)
Reset leaf – In pairing mode, double click MFB until LED flashes BLUE and WHITE together for 2 seconds


  1. User Tips:
    Leaf cannot be used with TV.

  • To get better operational range, please don’t hang leaf behind the computer. We suggest using Avantree headphones to get the best Bluetooth stability and range.
  • An unclean USB port can result in a crackly/static-like sound. Carefully clean the port, either using a nylon anti-static ESD brushes, or changing to another cleaner port should fix the problem
  1. Pair and connect to Bluetooth headphone/receiver

   Step 1: The first time you plug leaf into computer USB port, the PC will       install drivers(1) automatically.

   Step 2: Set Leaf to PAIRING MODE – The first time the leaf is used it will auto enter pairing mode, LED flashes BLUE and WHITE alternately, if it doesn't, please hold MFB for 3 seconds.

  Step 3: Set your headphones/receiver to PAIRING MODE(2). Keep the devices in close proximity to each other and wait until the LEDs indicating pairing has completed.


Driver: Software will be installed automatically each time Leaf is inserted intodifferent USB ports of PC/laptop. This will not happen on subsequent connections. 

  • PAIRING MODE: Discoverable mode, LED flashes very quickly or flashes twocolors alternately.

Reconnection: usually once you turn on your headphones/receiver, it will automatically reconnect to leaf. Otherwise, please try to press the MFB once on the Leaf to reconnect them

  1. LED indications 


LED indicator

Pairing mode

LEDs blink BLUE and WHITE alternately

Connected with SBC codec

LED flashes BLUE twice every 5 seconds

Connected with aptX codec

LED flashes WHITE once every 5 seconds

Connected with aptX-LL codec

LED flashes WHITE twice every 5 seconds


LED flashes BLUE once every 5 seconds

Restored factory default settings

LED flashes BLUE & WHITE together for 2 second

Call mode

LED keeps on WHITE

  1. How to stream music?

Ensure your Bluetooth headphones and Leaf are connected. And then set Leaf as default playback device on computer.

Step 1. Right-click the speaker icon on right-corner of screen. And select “Playback devices”.


Step 2. Set “Avantree Leaf” as “Default Device”.

 Now you can streaming music or watching movie.

  1. How to make a VOIP call?

Ensure your Bluetooth headphones and leaf are connected.

Step 1: Switch leaf to CALL MODE – double click the MFB, the WHITE LED should remain lit.

Step 2: Open the Skype or other APP audio settings, and select “Avantree Leaf” as current microphone and speaker device.


Now you can make a VOIP call.

 Note: Once call ended, please double click the MFB again to switch leaf back to MUSIC MODE.

  1. Restore Factory Default Settings

You may need to reset leaf if it is not working as expected. When leaf is reset to factory default settings, all the paired device information will be erased.

Step 1: Set Leaf to PAIRING MODE – press and hold MFB for 2 seconds until the LED alternates BLUE and WHITE rapidly.

 Step 2: Double click the MFB, the BLUE and WHITE LEDs are both on for 2 seconds. Then Leaf will automatically enter pairing mode.

  1. Product Specifications
  • Bluetooth version: 4.1
  • Bluetooth profile: A2DP, HFP, HSP, AVRCP
  • Audio codec: aptX-LL, aptX, SBC
  • Operating range: Up to 20 meters in open area without any obstructions
  • Product weight: approx. 10g
  • Product size: 66mm(L) x 18mm(W) x 15mm(H)

Video user guide for Leaf available on Youtube.com 

Telephone support: booking from Avantree.com 

More FAQs and instructions on support.avantree.com 

Email support: support@avantree.com


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