What aptX Low Latency Speakers and Headphones can I use with Priva II?

Here is the list of certified aptX Low Latency products on the market at the moment. 


You also can use a Low Latency Bluetooth receiver, such as Saturn Pro, to turn ANY audio devices (e.g. Speaker, headphones, earphones, etc.) into Bluetooth low latency devices and use it with Priva II to achieve the low latency result. 

From Avantree Family: 

Priva II connect to TV or audio source + Saturn Pro with ANY speaker = aptX Low Latency

Priva II connect to TV or audio source + Audition pro headphone = aptX Low Latency

Saturn pro connect to TV or audio source + Saturn Pro connect to ANY speaker or headphone = aptX Low Latency

Avantree Low Latency Speaker in on the way.


Bluetooth Audio Delay Experiment - aptX Low Latency vs others



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