Audition Pro / AS9P - How much audio delay do I have?


Audition pro supports aptX Low Latency as well as other Bluetooth audio format.

When working with different type of Bluetooth devices (Cellphone, TV, Tablet, PC, Transmitter, etc.), the operation codecs are different, depending on what codec the transmitter side supports.

Audition pro works under aptX Low Latency mode ONLY when the transmitter also support aptX Low Latency. (Make sure to use only CERTIFIED aptX Low Latency products.)


Typical compatible products on the market that support aptX Low Latency

Cellphone - 

PC / Tablets - 

USB Dongle - Avantree Leaf; 

Bluetooth Transmitter -Avantree Priva III and Avantree Audikast


You can easily identify the transmission audio codec by looking at the LED indicator when Audition pro is working, as table below. 


Bluetooth Audio Delay Experiment - aptX Low Latency vs others

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