Audition / AS9 - Troubleshooting - PS3/PS4 vs. Bluetooth headphones


Audition is compatible with PS3 like all other Bluetooth headphones. But pls be noted the following:

Sony PS3 does not send game audio through Bluetooth. Only voice chatter is sent through Bluetooth. This is the restriction of Sony PS3 itself.

For playing online everyone uses a Bluetooth headset for chatter, and their TV/sound system speakers for game play sounds.

It is just the way Sony wanted to implement it, so that you could watch and listen to the game through your TV or sound system whilst chatting to other players through the headset so that you can co-operate on the gameplay and discuss tactics.  

One thing you could do  is you could  buy a Bluetooth adapter like our Priva II, and pair it with Audition or Audition Pro, then your PS3 will turn wireless and send the audio to the Bluetooth headphones.


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