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Avantree RoxaBasic User Manual

Wireless Home Audio Receiver

1. Product overview


          1) LED indicator
          2) 3.5 mm audio socket
          3) 5V/1A USB charging port
          4) AC plug (US / EU / UK Pin optional)

2. Accessories

A. 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable
B. 3.5mm to RCA audio cable
C. User Manual & Quick user guide


3. Setting up, pairing and connecting

Step 1. Power on - plug RoxaBasic into an AC outlet, the RED led will light up.
Step 2. Activate Bluetooth and get RoxaBasic into pairing mode - plug
            3.5mm audio cable into RoxaBasic and after 3 seconds RoxaBasic will go
            into pairing mode automatically - the LED flashes BLUE and RED
Step 3. Activate Bluetooth on your phone/tablet, search and select “RoxaBasic”
            to pair and connect.
Step 4. Plug the other side of 3.5mm audio cable or RCA cable into your home
            sound system. Then you can stream music wirelessly.



RoxaBasic will keep searching and auto-reconnect to the last connected device within 10 minutes after disconnection.Over 10 minutes, please select and tap “RoxaBasic” from Bluetooth device list on your phone, tablet or PC to reconnect.

During pairing mode, if no devices can be connected and paired within 2 minutes, RoxaBasic will into standby mode automacically.


4. Connect to two devices simlutaneously

Step 1. Pair and connect 1st device as above. Then turn off the Bluetooth function
            on 1st device.
Step 2. Get RoxaBasic into pairing mode again - unplug and re-plug 3.5mm
            audio cable into RoxaBasic, after 3 seconds the LED will flash BLUE and
            RED alternately.
Step 3. Activate Bluetooth on 2nd device, search and select “RoxaBasic” to
            pair and connect.
Step 4. After successfully paired and connected, activate Bluetooth on 1st paired                 device and tap “RoxaBasic” to reconnect.


RoxaBasic only has one audio channel, so if you want to play music from another Bluetooth device, please pause current device’s music first.


5. LED indicator


6. How to get the maximum range

7. Product Specification

Wireless receiver

· Bluetooth V3.0 with EDR

· Support profile: A2DP
· Support codec: SBC
· Operation distance: Class 2, 10 Meter

AC power

· Input voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
· USB output voltage / Current: 5V / 1000mA
· Main body size without AC plug: 45*54*26mm
· Weight: 45.6g


8. Safety Information

· To avoid any damage or malfunction of the device do not drop device from high
· Keep device away form humidity, water and any other liquid. If the device is
  exposed to water, moisture and other liquid, do not operate it to avoid any
  electrical shock, explosion and damage to the device or yourself.
· Do not place or keep this device near any heat source, such as, direct sun
  light, radiators, stoves or other apparatus which produces heat. It may cause
  explosion, degrade the performance and/or reduce battery life.
· Do not modify, repair or disassemble device at discretion (Especially battery: It
  may cause an explosion). Doing this will avoid the warranty.
· Do not place heavy objects on the device.
· Use only supplied and approved charger.
· Replacement or service must be done by qualified service center or manufacturer.
· Unplug this device when unused for long periods of time or during lightning

Video user guide on Youtube
More step-by-step tutorial and FAQs on
Telephone support: booking from
Email support: (24hrs Reply Guaranteed)

Dispose of the packaging and

this product in accordance with

the latest provisions.










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