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Avantree Force User Manual

13000mAh High Capacity Power Bank

1. Product Overview



2. Package Contents

• Avantree Force 13000mAh power bank
• 1 Micro USB to USB cable


3. Technical Specifications 

Capacity 13000mAh
Input 5V / 2A (max)
Output 5V / 4.5A (total)
  USB output: 2.4A
Micro USB cable output:2.1A
Size 140 × 66× 23mm (L × W × H)
Weight 314g


4. How to Charge Your Force

Step 1: Plug the Micro USB cable into the Force’s input port.
Step 2: Insert the other end of the USB cable into either (a) a USB AC adapter
connected to the wall socket or (b) a computer with a USB port capable of
providing a charging current.


Note: Typical PC USB output current is only 500mAh, we advise you to use 

5V/2A adaptor to charge the Force quickly.
Charging Times

Adapter Current Output Charging Time
5V / 2A 8-9 hours
5V / 1.5A 10-12 hours       
5V / 1A 13-15 hours
5V / 0.5A 25-28 hours


5. Power Bank Battery Capacity Status

Led Power Meter Charging LED Display   Battery Capacity
First light blinking <25% 
First light on, second light blinking    25% - 50%
Two lights on, third light blinking 50% - 75%
Three lights on, fourth  light blinking  75% - 99%
Four lights on Fully charged


How to check the Force battery capacity ?

Simply press the touch switch for 3 seconds - the LED display will show the battery status.


6. How to Use the Force to Charge Your Mobile Devices

The Force will automatically start charging your mobile devices as soon as they are connected.



 7. Product Specification

• Battery: Lithium-ion
• Capacity: 13000mAh @3.7V
• Input: DC5V/2A (max)
• Output: 5V, total 4.5A (Built-in cable output 2.1A, standard USB output 2.4A)
• Product weight: About 314g
• Product size: 140*66*23mm


8. Useage Notes

(1).Keep the product away from extreme heat or cold, as well as any flammable items or damp places. Also avoid dropping, hitting or throwing the product.

(2).Please fully charge your external battery at least once every four months to avoid shortening its lifespan.


9. FAQ and Solutions

(1). Which port should I use to charge my device?
Both the built-in Micro USB cable and the USB charging port can charge
mobile devices.

(2). Can I use the Force to charge 2 devices at the same time?
Yes. When using 2 charging ports simultaneously, the built-in cable output
maximum current will be 2.1A and the maximum current of the USB charging
port will be 2.4A.

(3). What if the Force fails to be charged?
Check that the adapter connection is secure, or replace the adapter if the
current one seems not to be functioning normally.

(4). What if the Force fails to charge other devices?
Ensure that the power cable is securely in place and check that the Force's
voltage is compatible with the electronic devices required charging voltage.
Please refer to your device's instruction manual, product labeling, or adapter to
find this information.
For more information and FAQs, please refer to


10. Warranty

Our company provides customers with a warranty of 12 MONTHS from the date of purchase.


11. Contact us

For any enquiries or comments concerning our products, please send an email to and we will respond to you within 24 hours.



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