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Avantree JUNA User Manual

3400mAh Portable Power Bank


1. Product description

Avantree JUNA 3400mAh portable power bank is a ultra-slim design with a detachable Micro USB cable. It easily fits into your clutch bag or pocket, and the cable can sync & charge your smarphone. Built-in 3400mAh lithium polymer battery and high efficiency circuit design can charge your devices anytime, anywhere!


2. Product overview



3. Check the capacity

Press ON/OFF button to check the battery capacity, battery status indicatiors as following:

Indicators 1 LED ON 2LEDs ON 3 LEDs ON 4 LEDs ON
Capacity 25% 25-50% 50-75% 75-100%


4. Charge the JUNA

1) Draw the Micro USB cable from JUNA.

2) Connect JUNA to your PC or smartphone’s original charger to charge JUNA.


The battery status indicatiors will light up when charging. Press the ON/OFF button the LEDs will go off.

5. Charge mobile devices by JUNA

1) Use the Micro USB cable to charge your mobile devices ( HTC, Samsung, Sony, Blackberry and more).

2) Use your existing cable to charge the mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPod.



6. Product specifications

Battery type: Lithium Polymer
Capacity: 3400mAh @3.7V
Micro USB Input: DC 5V / 1A(Max)
USB Output: DC 5V /1A
Charging Time: About 4.5 hours (Use Smartphone 5V/1A charger)
Charging Time: About 9 hours (Use PC)


7. Safety precautions

Safety Precautions

Please read the safety precautions listed in this page carefully.

 ◆ Do not expose the product to
fire and other places with high
◆ Do not expose the product directly under the sun
and any places with high temperature or humidity.
◆Do not expose the product to
◆Stop using if any of the following conditions occurred:
electrolytic liquid leakage, overheating, color change,
or any other unusual conditions. 


Technical support and product tutorial

For more information about this product and other Avantree Bluetooth Products, including video user guides, product tutorials and online technical support, please refer to www.avantree.com website.

Due to the nature of the products, there might be some software changes without notice. Please always refer to the Avantree website for the latest information.

Dispose of the packaging and
this product in accordance with
the latest provisions.


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