DG40S : Do I need to pay for licence fee for the driver?

No, you do not. The license fee is fully covered already in your purchase. Sometimes, if your installation process is not right, error message could occur, asking for license fee.

Why this happened?

1. Normally, 99% laptop on the market have a built-in Bluetooth for data exchange. Pls open device management, right-click the Bluetooth to disable it. You are suggested to plug in the Bluetooth dongle before starting the PC to avoid computer confusion. 

2. Please remove / uninstall the previously installed Bluetooth driver before install the latest BlueSoleil software to avoid conflict.

You need to - 

1. Uninstall BlueSoliel

2. Check device manager > Bluetooth > and make sure no extra Bluetooth driver here. If there is, disable it,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BStIzO4smHI

3. Use the CD software or download the LATEST driver from www.avantree.com/driver (Specific for Avantree DG40s!)

4. Click "setup.exe" and follow the instruction

5. Plug DG40S in and reboot your computer

If still not working properly, pls contact us at support@avantree.com.

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