DG40S - Make a Bluetooth Advanced Audio or Bluetooth Headset and Microphone

  1. Make your headset discover-able. As a general rule, with the LED red and blue flash fast.
  2. Double click to search for your headset.

  1. Double click your headset to searching services.

  1. Connect to the Bluetooth Advanced Audio service, this service enables users to listen to high-quality stereo music played in the computer.


You can control the player remotely with the button on your headset that supports Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP), such as play, pause, stop, previous, next, volume. Currently, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, Winamp are supported. For more players, visitwww.bluesoleil.com.


  1. Connect to the Bluetooth Headset and Microphone, this service enables users to enjoy the same functions as a wire earplug or microphone.


(1)It is recommended not to listen to music with the Bluetooth Headset and Microphone service; this is only telephony sound quality.

(2)BlueSoleil sets the last connected headset as the default headset automatically. When there is an incoming VoIP call, the default headset will be connected automatically.

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