What Bluetooth headphone to use with Priva for aptX Low Latency?

As of Jan, 2015, there are only a few aptX low latency Bluetooth headphones on the market. They are normally quite expensive. There are a few solutions for you - 

  1. A list of current available aptX low latency Bluetooth headphones on the market - http://www.aptx.com/category-low-latency/headphones Cost mostly over 200USD for a decent quality one. 
  2. If you already have any headphone at home, wired or Bluetooth, you can use our Saturn pro to turn that into a aptX low latency Bluetooth headphone. Cost around $60-70 USD
  3. We are about to launch Audition pro in May and that is a very competitive priced Bluetooth headphone with aptX low latency, NFC, voice prompt, EQ adjustment in the market. Cost TBA.


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