DG40S - Driver - Latest DRIVER for Win 7, 8, XP or Non-native Win 10


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DG40s with NATIVE(PC shipped with Win10 installed) Windows 10 - You can use Windows Native Bluetooth driver, and use the dongle Plug and Play, NO NEED to download the following driver!


DG40s with Windows 7/8/XP / Win 7 upgraded to Win 10 - You need to download the latest DG40s software / Driver / Program from the CD in the box. Or you can also download the latest driver from here -

Lastest Driver (please click here to download)


1. We paid license fee only for the driver from above Avantree website. Don’t download from other websites or update it as you will pay extra fee!!!

2. After downloading, please unzip the attachment. If you can not unzip, please download unzip software, such as WinRAR

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