Basic operations of Hive (BTHS-849-BLK)?

Basic Operations:

Answering a call: press MFB button once to answer the call.

Ending a call: press MFB button to end a call.

Reject a call: press and hold the “MFB” button for 1 second to reject the call.

Voice Dial: If your mobile phone has voice dialing enabled, when in standby mode short press the “MFB” and say the name you wish to call.

Last number redialing: In standby mode, press “MFB” button twice.

Music Streaming: Volume Up: Hold on Volume +

                                    Volume Down: Hold on Volume -

Play Music: Press “Play and Pause” button

Pause: Press “Play and Pause” button

Previous Track: Press “Previous” button

Next Track: Press “Next” button

 Note: Some functions are dependent on the mobile phone being used with the headset and may not work with some phones where those features are not supported.

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