How to use Saturn(BTTC-200X) as a transmitter?

Before use, please make sure your Bluetooth receiver device supports true stereo audio play. And connect Saturn to your audio source devices, such as TV.

Step 1 Make sure your Saturn is off. Then switch TX/RX button to TX. 

TX or RX mode can not be changed after powering on Saturn.

Step 2 Get Saturn(TX mode) into pairing mode.

Press and hold MFB button for about 5 seconds until the LED flashes BLUE quickly.

Step 3 Get your Bluetooth headset or audio receiver into pairing mode. 

Most of headset on the market, you can by pressing and holding MFB button for about 7s until the LED blinks RED and BLUE(or GREEN) alternately to go into pairing mode. Exact way please refer to manufacturer user manual.


Step 4 Keep them within 1 metre, wait until both LEDs slow down, which means they are connected.


Pairing is completed, now you are able to enjoy the audio wirelessly.


1, Saturn will flash 2 times within 4 seconds in blue led after connected with other Bluetooth device which also support aptX codec.
Both transmitter and receiver are incorporated with aptX codec, it will help low latency and higher audio quality compare with standard Bluetooth audio

2, The pairing mode will last 2 minutes. Saturn will enter standby mode if no devices can be connected with 2 minutes

3,Saturn can pair with stereo Bluetooth receiver devices with PIN code “0000”, “1111”, “8888” or “1234”


For more details, please watch video user guide for Saturn-

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