How to connect Cara II (BTCK-200M) with two phones simultaneously?


The default setting of Cara II’s multipoint function is off. Before use Cara II with two devices, please activate this function.

Step 1. Get Cara II into pairing mode.

Turn Cara II on, and then press and hold the “MFB” button for about 7~10s until the LED blinks BLUE and RED alternatively.

Step 2. Activate multipoint function.

Press and hold the “MFB” button about 6 seconds, until you hear a four-tone beep. Release the button to enable multipoin function.

Step 3. Pair Cara II with the first phone. 

Please click here to know how to do this.

Step 4. Pair Cara II with seconed phone.

Get Cara II into pairing mode again, pair and connect with the second phone as above.

Step 5. Connect Cara II with two phones.

Turn Cara II off and on again, it will automatically search and connect with the last two paired.

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