How to use a pair of Saturn Pro (BTTC-200L-DB)?

For “no lip sync delay” when watching TV, movie or playing games, make sure BOTH THE TRANSMITTER AND RECEIVER are aptX Low Latency supported. So a  pair of Saturn Pros will be the first choice.

What will I benefit from aptX Low Latency?

How to use

Important Notice: Please UNPLUG it from power during Pairing.

We pre-paired them before leaving the factory. And you will find one of them is in RX
(Receiver) mode, other one is in TX (Transmitter) mode. 

Pairing procedure:

1. Push one Saturn Pro into TX mode, press and hold MFB button until LED flashes blue rapidly;


2.Push another Saturn Pro into RX mode, press and hold MFB button until LED flashes red and blue alternatively.

3.Keep them within 1 meter and wait for around 7 seconds. 

Until you see the LED flashes slow down which means they now paired and connected. like below.

4.Connect the TX one to sound source such as TV, MP3, games, etc. and the other to receiving item, such as speaker, headphones.      

If you want to see the more details, please watch video user guide for Saturn Pro-

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