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Avantree Priva User Manual

aptX Low Latency Multipoint Bluetooth Transmitter


1. Features

Avantree Priva is a Bluetooth audio transmitter incorporating the latest “aptX Low Latency” technology, for high quality audio streaming with virtually no delay.
With multipoint receiver support, Priva allows you to share the fun and enjoyment of music with others.


Priva supports true stereo headsets rather than mono A2DP headsets.


2. Overview

①. LED indicator
②. Multi-function button (MFB)
③. Micro USB charging socket
④. 3.5 mm audio jack (Power on/off control)
⑤. Battery/DC switch
⑥. Magnetic base


What’s in the box:
A. Avantree Priva
B. Magnetic base
C. 3.5 mm audio cable
D. RCA audio cable
E. Micro USB charging cable
F. User manual
G. Quick start guide
H. Warranty card


3. How to use battery mode or DC mode

Prive can be used in two different ways –

1. Battery mode – Switch to battery mode for use as a portable device.
2. DC mode – Switch to DC mode and connect to a DC power source for using with continuous power.

Note: The USB outputs of some TVs or laptops are unstable. When used in DC mode, we suggest you connect to a wall charger instead of a USB port.


4. Getting Started

4.1 Power On/Off

Note: Once turned on, Priva will automatically go into pairing mode if it has not detected any connection.

4.2 Pairing and connecting

Step-1: Enter Priva into pairing mode by plugging 3.5 mm audio cable

Step-2: Put your headphones/speaker into pairing mode.

Step-3: Keep them within 1 meter of each other, and wait until they have connected.
Step-4: Connect Priva to the audio output port of the sound source, such as your TV, laptop, etc. for wireless audio streaming.

Reconnection: Make sure your headset is on. Re-plug 3.5 mm audio cable, wait for 2–15 secs.

4.3 Multipoint - Connect to two headphones (Optional)

Step-1:Connect to your 1st device as above.

Step-2: Press and hold the MFB for 7 seconds. Priva will enter pairing mode again.

Step-3: Enter the 2nd device into pairing mode and wait until they connect.

Note: When connected to two devices, Priva will be operate in SBC mode only.

4.4 Place the Priva
• Stick magnetic base to below optimal places
• Avoid hanging behind TV


5. How to Charge

When the LED blinks red, you should recharge the device. It normally takes about 3
hours to fully charge the battery. Switch to BATTERY MODE before charging. The
LED will stay red when charging and will turn off when charging is complete.
Charging requirement:
You can connect Priva via the supplied Micro USB cable to your own USB chargers(wall charger/travel charger/car charger, etc.) with 5V/500mA-1A or PC USB port. It’s ok to use most mobile phone chargers on the market.


6. Restore Factory Default Settings

You may need to reset Priva if it is not working as expected. When Priva is reset
to factory default settings, all the paired mobile phone information will be erased.

Step 1: Get Priva into pairing mode by re-plugging 3.5 mm audio cable(Make sure your headset is off).

Step 2: Double click the MFB button. Priva’s BLUE and RED LEDs are both on for 1 s.

Step-3: Restart Priva.


7. LED indications

Status                                          LED indicator
Power on                                        Blue LED on for 1 sec
Power off                                           Red LED on for 1 sec
Pairing mode  LEDs blink blue and red alternately
Pairing success Blue LED on for 3 secs
Connected with SBC codec    Blue LED flashes once every 5 secs
Connected with aptX codec   Blue LED flashes 2 times every 5 secs
Connected with aptX-LL codec Blue LED flashes 3 times every 5 secs
Connected with FastStream codec Blue LED flashes 4 times every 5 secs
Disconnected Blue LED flashes once every 10 secs
Restored factory default settings Both blue & red LEDs on for 1 sec
Low battery Red LED flashes twice every sec


8. Product Specifications

• Bluetooth 3.0
• Bluetooth profile: A2DP
• Audio codec: aptX-LL, aptX, SBC, FastStream
• Operating Range: Class 2, 10 metres
• Supports pairing of 2 devices at once
• Play time: up to 8 hours
• Standby time: up to 120 hours
• Battery: 250mAH rechargeable Li-Po battery
• Weight: Body part approx. 23 g; Base approx. 7 g
• Size: 48 mm(L) x 48 mm(W) x 15 mm(H)

Working and standby times may
vary when used with different
Bluetooth devices, usage settings,
usage styles and environments.
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