Audition / AS9 - Video User Guide - NFC Pairing


 How to pair Audition (BTHS-AS9) using NFC?

 We take Bluetooth enabled mobile phone as example.

NFC pairing -  Active pairing, can be activated both in power on and power off mode.
1). Turn on NFC function from your phone settings.

2). Let your phone tap NFC location of the headphones until your mobile phone give an indicate note. (Some phones will vibrate and some will have a beep sound.)


3). Then your phone will get a reception request if you would like to pair with the headphones for the first pairing time.
4). Tap “Yes”, then your mobile phone will connect with Audition.
5). Tap it again to disconnect.

NOTE: Some phones may not have NFC function. And Since NFC antenna is located in different position of NFC-enabled phones, it is helpful to know the position for fast pairing. For details on NFC, see your phone’s user manual.

Apple confirms iPhone 6 NFC chip is only for Apple Pay , it can’t pair with any speakers.

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