Priva(BTTC-400) trouble shooting

1 . Why cannot turn on / off

 3.5mm audio cable controls the power supply. Please ensure to plug 3.5mm audio cable into Priva before any operation. 


2. Why cannot pair Priva with my Bluetooth receiver at home?

 Please make sure neither Priva nor your Bluetooth receiver (headphone, speaker) are connected with other device (such as mobile phone, PC)


3. Why not Auto-reconnect?

 a. Please check if Priva and your headset have be switched on. Usually, Priva will enter into sleep mode if disconnected for 10mins. You may need to replug the 3.5mm cable or press the big button for 2s to activate it.

b. Most paired Bluetooth devices can reconnect to Priva within 2-15 seconds. Some might take longer, up to 1min. Some patience for handshake time is appreciated. You also can stimulate the handshake by press the Priva button once.  


4. How to better use the battery mode?

In battery mode, you are suggested to unplug the 3.5mm cable to save power when not in use. 

 5. How to better use the DC mode?

The USB outputs of some TVs or laptops are unstable. When used in DC mode, we suggest you connect to a wall charger instead of a USB port.

6. Can I use with Amplifier? 

 Yes, but only with line level signal only, not the amplifiered signals because max input to Priva is 1W. 


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