How to connect Saturn Pro(receiver) to Windows PC?

Please make sure your PC/notebook is Bluetooth enabled and supports A2DP profile, otherwise you may need a Bluetooth audio adapter (as below) to add the feature on PC/notebook that do not. For more details, please refer to PC/Notebook manufacturer.

Avantree Bluetooth receiver doesn't need any driver to install. All the drivers should be provided by PC manufacturer or Bluetooth adapter manufacturer. 

We uses Bluetooth adapter here and it is the same way if you use built-in Bluetooth of PC/Notebook.

[Windows 7]

  • * System type: 64-bit Operating System
  • * PC: Dell Vostro 2421
  • * Bluetooth adapter: CSR 8615
  • * Bluetooth adapter software: IVT 9.X

Pairing procedure

  • Step 1 Get the receiver into pairing mode.

Ensure Saturn Pro is off, push Saturn Pro into RX mode, press and hold MFB until LED flashes red and blue alternatively.

  • Step 2 Turn on Bluetooth from PC/Notebook.
  • Step 3 Search devices around PC/Notebook.
  • Step 4 Right click “Pair”

  • Step 5 Double click "Bluetooth Advanced Audio" to establish connection

  • Step 6 Connect the receiver to your home stereo system.


     Step 7 Now you can stream music from your home stereo system via the receiver wirelessly.

PC sound setting as below. Set playback device as Bluetooth Audio Playback.



If you want to see the more details, please watch video user guide for Saturn Pro-

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