How to charge Hive (BTHS-849-BLK) ?

Avantree Hive uses a special 3.5mm USB charging socket.

1). First time, please charge the device for more than 4 hours to make sure the headset is fully charged and the battery reach its full capacity.

2). Afterwards, each charge cycle may take up to 3 hours.

3). LED will indicate red in charging and off when charging is complete.

4). If you have not use the item for a few months, LED might not turn red when first charging. It might take 15-35 minutes before the LED turn red.



.Suggest to use Avantree certified charger only. Or consult Avantree support if intend to use other 3rd party charger.

.When battery power is low, the red indicator light will flash red every 3 seconds.

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