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Avantree Nova User Manual

Bluetooth speakerphone


1. Product Description

This versatile Bluetooth speakerphone is specially designed for the user to enjoy the convenience and freedom of wireless communication. The Avantree Nova can be used as a traditional in-car Hands-free Speakerphone and also as a desk-top Conference Speakerphone. The advanced built-in microphone with D.S.P. for Echo Cancellation & Noise Suppression gives you impeccable full duplex sound quality.


2. Product Overview

(1) Microphone      (4) LED        (7) MFB Button(Multi-Function Button) 

(2) Volume Down       (5) Charging Socket       (8) Speaker

(3) Mute Button       (6) Volume Up

What’s in the box -
● Avantree Nova speakerphone
● USB charging cable
● USB car charger
● User manual
● Sun visor clip
● Warranty card


3. Charging

1) First time, please charge the device for more than 3 hours to make sure the speakerphone is fully charged and the battery reaches its full capacity. (by car charger, or by PC via USB charging cable)
a. Charging in car- user can charge the unit in car by using a car charger.
b. Charging at home- user can charge the unit by using a USB cable via a PC.

2) Afterwards, each charge cycle may take up to 3 hours.

3) The LED will indicate red when charging and off when charging is complete.

4) If you have not used the item for a few months, it may take 15-30 minutes for the LED to red when charging.

5)We suggest to fully charge the item for at least one time in two months.


4. Pairing / Connecting

It is important to pair the speakerphone with your Bluetooth Mobile phone for the first time use.

Pairing procedure:
1) Ensure the speakerphone is off.

2) Turn on the speakerphone, if not detect any connection, it will automatically go to pairing mode and also you can put the speakerphone into pairing mode by pressing and holding the MFB button until the LED blinks blue and red alternately.

3) Activate Bluetooth on your phone, and search for Bluetooth devices.

4) Select “ Avantree Nova” from the list of found devices.

5) Enter the Bluetooth passkey” 0000” to pair and connect the speakerphone to your phone.

6) Speakerphone is ready for use now.


1) Once paired and connected, the speakerphone will be automatically connected to the device whenever you turn the speakerphone on again, provided the device is in the range.

2) When losing connection, the speakerphone will automatically switch itself off in 30 minutes.

We find most problems are caused by improper pairing between the speakerphone and the Bluetooth device. Please follow the online instruction step-by-step.


5. Basic Operations

5.1 Turn on / off
1) Turn On: From OFF, press and hold the “MFB” for around 4 seconds until the indicator LED flashes Blue.

2) Turn Off: From ON, press and hold the “MFB” for around 4 seconds until the indicator LED flashes Red.

Note: Under standby mode, the LED indicator will flash blue every 10 seconds.

5.2 Answer a call: Press the MFB button once.

5.3 End a call: Press the MFB button once.

5.4 Rejecting a call: Press and hold the MFB button for 2 seconds to reject the call.

5.5 Voice Dialing: If your mobile phone is voice dial-enable, press the MFB button once and say the name of person you wish to call.

5.6 Re-dialing: Under standby mode, short press the MFB button twice for last number redialing.

5.7 Adjusting the volume: During a call, press the “V+” or “V-“ buttons

5.8 Speaker Mute & Un-mute
1) Mute: During a call, short press the "MUTE" button to mute the speakerphone, the LED will show red in mute mode.

2) Un-mute: Short press the "MUTE" button to unmute the speakerphone.

5.9 Transfer calls
1) Speakerphone to Mobile Phone: During a call, press both of “V+” and “V-” buttons, and the call is routed to your mobile phone.

2)Mobile Phone to Speakerphone: Press both "V+" and "V-" buttons to route the call to speakerphone.

5.10 Restore to default settings
When the speakerphone is reset to factory default settings, all the paired mobile phone information will be erased.

1) Ensure the speakerphone is in standby mode.

2) Press and hold both “V+” and “V-“ buttons for about 10 seconds until the LED indicator flash blue and red 5 times, then turn off the speakerphone. The speakerphone is back to original setting now.


6. Advance Features

6.1 Pairing with two mobile phone
1) From off, turn on the speakerphone, it will automatically enter into pairing mode if not detect any connection, pair with the first phone.

2) Turn off the speakerphone and turn off Bluetooth function of the first phone, then turn on the speakerphone and automatically enter into pairing mode, pair with the second phone.

3) Power off the speakerphone again, and turn on the Bluetooth of the first pone, then turn on the speakerphone, it will automatically connect with last 2 paired phones.

6.2 Answer the second call during a call (3 way call or two link function)
When receiving a second call, press ”MFB” button twice to hold the first call on line and answer the second call.

6.3 Reject the second call during a call ( 3 way call or two link function)
When receiving a second call, press and hold the “MFB” button for 3 seconds to reject the second call.

6.4 Switch between 2 phone calls ( 3 way call or two link function)
1) When having 2 calls on the line, press the “MFB” button twice to switch between these 2 phone calls

2) When having 2 calls on the line, short press the “MFB” button once to end the current call and stay with the other call.


7. Product Specification

● Bluetooth compliance: Bluetooth V2.1+EDR
● Operating frequency band: 2.4GHz ~ 2.48GHz unlicensed ISM band
● Output power: Class 2, up to 10 meters
● Support profiles: HSP and HFP profiles
● Support multiple paired device: Memorize paired data of 8 Bluetooth phones
● Stand-by time: Up to 980 hours / 40 days
● Talk time: Up to 10-12 hours
● Battery charging time: About 3 hours
● Charger voltage: DC5.0V, 500mA
● Battery: 550mAh, BL-5B compatible (Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery)

The talk and standby times may vary when used with different mobile phones or other compatible Bluetooth devices, usage settings, usage styles and environments.


8. Safety Information

● To avoid any damage or malfunction of the device do not drop the device from high places.
● Keep the device away from humidity, water and any other liquid. If the device is exposed to water, moisture or any other liquid, do not operate it to avoid any potential electrical shock, explosion or damage to the device or yourself.
● Do not place or keep this device near any heat source, such as, direct sunlight, radiators, stoves or other apparatus, which produces heat. It may cause an explosion, degrade the performance and/or reduce battery life.
● Do not modify, repair or disassemble device. (Especially the battery: It may cause an explosion). Doing this will avoid the warranty.
● Do not place heavy objects on the device.
● Only use the supplied and approved charger.
● Replacement or service must be done by the Authorized service center
● nplug this device when unused for long periods of time or during lightning storms.
The battery used in this device may present a risk of fire or chemical burn if mistreated.


9. Declaration of Conformity

9.1. IC Statement
This device complies with Industry Canada license-exempt. RSS standard(s). Operation is subject to the following two conditions:
1) this device may not cause interference, and

2) this device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device.

Note: The manufacturer is not responsible for ANY interference, for example RADIO or TV interference, caused by unauthorized modifications to this equipment. Such modifications could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

9.2. EU
This product is CE certified according to the provision of the R&TTE Directive (99/5/EC).
Declares that this product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.

9.3. Trademark Statement
The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
Avantree is a trademark owned by Avantronics limited.


10. Warranty

Please refer to the warranty card included in the pack.


Technical Support & Product Tutorial

More information about this product and other Avantree Bluetooth Products, including the video user guides, product tutorials and online technical support, please refer to ‘Product Tutorial’ Page and ‘Download’ Page.

Due to the nature of the products, there might be some software changes without notice. Please always refer to the Avantree website for the latest information.

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