How to use Saturn Pro (BTTC-200L) as a receiver?

  • Important Notice: Please UNPLUG it from power during Pairing.

Step 1 Make sure your Saturn Pro is off. Then switch TX/RX button to RX. 

TX or RX mode can not be changed after powering on Saturn Pro.

Step 2. Get Saturn Pro(RX mode) into pairing mode.

Press and hold the MFB for around 6-8 seconds until Blue and Red LED light blinks alternatively.

Step 3. Activate Bluetooth on your phone, search for “Avantree Saturn Pro”,  click on your phone to connect

Step 4. Connect Saturn Pro to the audio input of home hifi stereo system via the audio cable.

Now you can enjoy music from your hifi stereo wirelessly.


If you want to see the more details, please watch video user guide for Saturn Pro-

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    Michael Whiting

    I am using the Priva as a transmitter to the Saturn Pro as a receiver so as to connect my wifes wired head set to the Saturn Pro
    and using the Priva to transmit to my blue tooth headset as the first connecting headset