How to pair Sacool(BTHS-AS8) with mobile phone?

It is important to pair the headset with your Bluetooth mobile phone for first time use.

1 Pairing procedure: 
1). Ensure the headset is off.
2). Press and hold the MFB button (about 7-10 seconds) until LED blinks blue and red alternately.

3). Activate Bluetooth on your phone, and search new devices from your phone.

4). Once “Avantree Sacool Pro ’ found in search list, tap to connect it. (Some phones request pin code, enter pin code 0000 to pair)

Now your Sacool is ready for use. Once paired and connected, the headset will be automatically connected to your phone whenever you turn the headset on, provided your phone is in range. If not, try default setting.

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    My Avantree Sacool do not connect with my device automatically. Every time I have to pair it again. Why so? How to fix this issue.

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    Hi Sanchit, thanks for your message, Sacool should re-connect with the last connected device automatically. Could you pls kindly:

    1) reset the Sacool:
    2) clear the bluetooth paired list on your phone
    3) try to pair them, kindly follow the above process pls? Thank you.

    Let's see whether this gonna be ok pls? Thank you.

    If still can't help, pls feel free to contact We'll always be very much glad to offer any help and support that you may need, thank you.


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    Malu Belen
    Why is my AS8 working only when plugged in? When I take out the charger it turns off. And when it's not plugged in I can't open it. Then when I plug it in it only the red light flashes for 3 seconds them comes out again. Please help me.