Priva IIA - I cannot hear sound from the headset, what should I do?

Solution 1

Mostly, this issue is caused by user connecting transmitter to the WRONG TV audio output,

You have following options:

1) Use the 3.5mm headphone port on TV,


2) Use the RCA AUDIO OUT on TV, 


If you use RCA AUDIO OUT, ensure you use the AUDIO OUT, do not use input.



You may test as following to find the CORRECT RCA AUDIO OUT - connect headphones to TV RCA AUDIO OUT (use 3.5mm to RCA cable and 3.5mm audio cable). You should hear sound.



Solution 2

Ensure the headset is CONNECTED to Priva IIA, once connected, LEDs on Priva III flashes ONCE or TWICE every five seconds. 


Solution 3

The Priva IIA is defective, contact for free replacement.

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