HT3189 - Troubleshooting - Not working / no sound

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The most frequent causes of there being no sound are the following >

1. No valid audio signal being fed into the transmitter

  • Are the RCA cables connected to the TV red / white ports but they are in fact NOT Audio OUT?
  • Can you hear the audio with the headphones plugged directly into the TV?
  • Did you change your TV audio OUT setting to "External Speakers" (if using RCA Audio OUT and Optical OUT) or "Headset" (if using AUX/3.5mm OUT)?
  • If you're using a DAC, did you change your TV audio format to PCM?

Pls follow User Guide Step 1 / 2 carefully. 

2. Transmitter and Headphones are not connected properly

When you turn both devices on, they should auto-reconnect. Indicators are >

  • Headphones say 'Welcome to Avantree, Connected'.
  • Transmitter LED light flashes twice every 5s. (see User Guide Step 4)

If not connected, then please turn both off, wait for 5s and turn them both back on. Wait for 2-3s, they should auto-reconnected with indicators as described above. 

If still not connected, then you might need to Pair-Connect-Lock them again.

Pls follow Solution 2 from point 5 of this FAQ carefully.



If any more help needed, you may contact [email protected] for help. Also, to make sure all our users can use Avantree products properly, we offer Avantree Online Clinic to help you with your set up / installation FREE of Charge, click below link for details:


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