HT3189 - Troubleshooting - TV with optical / coaxial / HDMI audio out

Keywords: HT3189, digital, optical, coaxial, HDMI, audio out


HT3189 supports AUX/3.5mm headphone or RCA ported TVs out-of-the box. For TVs with other outputs, you have the following options:


                  optical.jpg   coaxial.jpg        

Option 1. Get a Digital Analog Converter, e.g. Avantree DAC02, to convert your digital signal to analog. As a HT3189 customer, you are entitled to a 20% discount on this item. Pls email [email protected] with your HT3189 order number to get the discount code for Amazon:


Option 2. You may return the HT3189 and get the Avantree Audikast + Audition Pro:

418.jpg   __21.png


If your TV only has HDMI-ARC output


then you will need to purchase an HDMI to RCA converter separately - Avantree ADC04. Contact [email protected] for a discount code if you are an HT3189 user. 





If any more help needed, you may contact [email protected] for help. Also, to make sure all our users can use Avantree products properly, we offer Avantree Online Clinic to help you with your set up / installation FREE of Charge, click below link for details:





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