TWS109 - 2017 batch - How to connect two earbuds manually.?


The two earbuds should automatically reconnect to each other after power them on. If they fail to connect for any reason, which may result to no sound on the left earbud, please follow the instructions below.

1. Locate the Avantree TWS109R in your phone’s Bluetooth “Paired Devices” menu. Delete or ‘forget’ this device. Then turn off your phone’s Bluetooth.

2. Press the power buttons on BOTH right and left earbuds for 5s to enter pairing mode. LED indicators will flash Blue and Red quickly on both earbuds.

3. Choose one earbud as the master (for example RIGHT side), press the power button for 2s to enter search mode - LED will flash pink.

4. Once the RIGHT earbud has connectedto the LEFT earbud, the right side LED willflash Blue and Red quickly to enter pairing mode again.

5. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, then locate and pair with Avantree TWS109R.


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