TWS109 - 2017 batch - How to connect with Bluetooth device (e.g. mobile phone)??

For first use

NOTE: By default the RIGHT earbud is the “Master”

Step 1 - From off state, press & hold the  on RIGHT earbud for 5s until LED flashes RED and BLUE alternately.

Step 2 - Activate Bluetooth on your device and select “Avantree TWS109R” to connect. When connected, LED will flash BLUE slowly.

Step 3 - Press & hold  the for 2s to turn on the LEFT earbud. It will auto-connect to the RIGHT earbud. You will hear a voice prompt ”Left, right channels connected”.

Step 4 - Enjoy wireless stereo music!


Reconnection (For use after the first time)

Step 1: Turn on your Bluetooth device

Step 2: Turn on right earbud, it will reconnect with your Bluetooth device. Then turn on left earbud

Step 3: Earbuds will automatically connect with each other within 5-8s

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