Priva III - Can I use it on my PC/laptop?

Sure, you can use Priva III on your PC/laptop.

Actually, Prvia III supports COMPUTER USB AUDIO INPUT which produces much better DIGITAL audio quality comparing to standard ANALOG audio.

  1. Connect Priva III to PC/laptop via the included Micro USB data/charging cable.
  2. Pair and connect Priva III with your headphones/speakers( refer to use manual).
  3. Right-click speaker icon on the bottom-right of the PC/laptop screen and select “Playback devices”.
  4. Set “Avantree Priva III” as “Default Devices”.


  • The connecting cable must have both DATA SYNC and charging capabilities.
  • When used with a desk top computer, it is highly recommended that you use a USB port on the rear of computer as they tend to supply a more consistent voltage.
  • For the Skype audio settings please select “Avantree Priva III” for both Speakers and Microphone.
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