Avantree Oasis Software Upgrade v23 (short range issue)

Avantree Oasis is a long range design transmittter, you shall get a very far range.  If you didn't get expected range, maybe you are in a very complicated wireless environment or compatibility issue. Please try to flash Oasis to our new software version v23.

Here are the steps for flashing.

Step 1. Please download and install below app to your computer


Step 2. Please download the file below to your computer noting the save path

please note you can not open this file directly, just to save and choose when you upgrade.


Step 3. Open the word file below and follow the step-by-step instructions

Oasis DFU v023 instruction.docx

After flashing please pair the device with Oasis again. If there are any more issues, please email us at support@avantree.com.

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