New Saturn Pro - Saturn Pro V.S. New Saturn Pro

Item Name Saturn Pro New Saturn Pro
Function Receiver & Transmitter 2-in-1 Receiver & Transmitter 2-in-1
Support aptX Low Latency(Both TX & RX) YES YES - Single link
Support aptX(Both TX & RX) YES YES - Single link
Charge Free - Connect to USB power forever & always standby while charging NO - when lost connection over 10 mins, Saturn Pro will AUTO POWER OFF. YES
Silent movie sound loss in Transmitter mode Sometimes Better
Static noise while charging Sometimes NO
Working time Up to 8 hrs in RX mode, Up to 9 hrs in TX mode. Up to 8 hrs in RX mode, Up to 9 hrs in TX mode.
How to clear paired history? Form off, press and hold big button for 8~10s until RED and BLUE LEDs are both on (looks like PINK)

Enter paring mode first, then double click big button. RED and BLUE LEDs are both on (looks like PINK)

How to switch between TX and RX mode

Please turn off Saturn Pro first, then switch to the mode you need.

When you switch TX/RX mode running on battery, it will automatically power off. Please turn on New Saturn Pro manully.


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