Avantree Leaf--How to connect with Airpods?

Step 1: The first time you plug Leaf into computer USB port, the PC will install drivers automatically.


Step 2: Set Leaf into pairing mode-- the first time the Leaf is used it will auto enter pairing mode, LED flashes Blue and White alternately, if it doesn’t, please hold MFB for 3 seconds.


Step 3: Set the AirPods into pairing mode-- with AirPods in case and lid open, then press button on the back of the case until light slowly flashes white.


Step 4: Keep the 2 devices in close proximity to each other till the LED indicating pairing has completed( Airpods lit on for 10 seconds in Green, the LED on Leaf flashes Blue twice for 5 seconds).


Re-connection: Usually once you turned on your Airpods, it will automatically re-connect to Leaf. Otherwise, please try to press the MFB once on the Leaf to reconnect.

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