DG40S – Use the Laptop as a speakerphone

How to setup the dongle DG40S to use your laptop as a speakerphone? This setting will route the audio from your mobile phone to your laptop's speakers and mic.

Step1: Install BlueSoleil on your Laptop , right click Bluetooth icon and select '' turn on Bluetooth'' , then open ''Display classic View''.


Step2: Open your phone Bluetooth function.

Step3: Right click the orange globe to select ''Search Devices'', your phone should appear as a new icon.

Step4: Right click the phone’s icon and select ''Search Services'', a number for the available services appear in the corner.

Step5: Right click the phone’s icon again and select ''Pair''.

Step6: Click ''Pair'' on the phone, then click ''OK'' on the PC.

Step7: Click the paired devices name ''stacy''(your laptop’s name) on the phone, then click ''Yes'' on the PC.

Now the PC connects with your phone, you can using the PC’s speakers and mic for listening and talking.

Notes: Make sure the on board speakers of your PC are selected as the "default" playback device.


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