Avantree Oasis - Why is the range shorter than expected?

1. A One-Off unstable Bluetooth connection
Occasionally a Bluetooth pairing can connect but for some reason it's unstable. To fix this try clearing the pairing history of BOTH the Oasis and your Bluetooth enabled device.
To reset the Oasis slide the Power/Mode switch to the Bluetooth position.
Press the Bluetooth button to enter pairing mode.
Press and hold the + and - buttons together until you hear the voice prompt “pairing history cleared”.
To reset your other Bluetooth device please refer to your instruction manual.
It is very important to clear the pairing history of BOTH devices.
2. Wireless Signal Interference
Other wireless devices in the vicinity of the Oasis may be affecting its range. To check whether this is the case try isolating the Oasis by temporarily turning off all other nearby wireless devices such as an Apple TV, a Chromecast stick, a Roku stick, any other RF audio transmitters etc.
Connect the Oasis by wire to a mobile phone then transmit a song to your Bluetooth headphones/speaker. In this way you can see the ‘true’ range of the transmitter. If it works well, then we need to troubleshoot which of the other wireless devices in the environment is affecting its performance. If the ‘true’ range is very short, then we might be looking at a defective unit, in which case we will send you a replacement.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact support@avantree.com

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