Priva III - Re-pairing, Echo/Echo Dot and other issues

1. Do I need to re-pair it with my headphone/receiver before each use?

There's no need to re-pair the Priva III each time.

It will auto reconnect to the LAST paired headphone/receiver once you power on both devices and wait for 5-10 seconds.

For other paired headphones/receivers, they may auto reconnect to Priva III after waiting 5-10s once power on. Otherwise, please put BOTH devices into PAIRING MODE.


2. Does the Priva III work with the Echo/Echo Dot?

Yes, Priva III works FINE with Echo/Echo Dot (RX).


3. Can I use Priva III with Apple Airpods and Bose headphones at the same time?

Yes, you can. Pls follow the steps below - 

  1. Pair Priva III with Bose headphones
  2. Turn Bose headphones off
  3. Pair Priva III with Apple Airpods (more details see pair with AirPods)
  4. Wait until AirPods working well, then turn back on Bose and wait for a few sec


4. Where should I place my Priva III?

To avoid any audio cut in-and-out or short range, you may need to notice following tips when placing Priva III:Ensure there is no partition, e.g. wall, metal, human body, ceiling, between Priva III and and your headphones/speakers/receivers. Place it in front or your TV, do not place it behind your TV.


5. How to enter Priva III into PAIRING MODE manually?

  • Power the Priva III with the USB cable provided. Connect it to a TV USB port or any other USB charger with 5V/500mA-2A output (Most phone chargers will work).
  • Turn on Priva III - Slide the on/off switch to "ON".         
  • Press and hold the MFB button for 1s until the LED flashes BLUE & RED            alternately. Now it's under pairing mode. 



6. How to clear paired history of Priva III?

Step 1: Get Priva III into pairing mode - press and hold MFB for 1 second until LED flashes BLUE and RED alternately.

Step 2: Press and hold MFB button for 5s, then BLUE LED is on for 2 seconds.

Step 3: It will enter paring mode automatically, and LEDs on Priva III flashes BLUE and RED alternately.



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