Apico / AH8M - Troubleshooting - Not working / can't charge/ power it on / pair / no sound

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  • I can't charge it

Please try to

  1. Use another charger, or computer USB port
  2. Pull out the charging cable and replug it tightly.
  3. Still can't charge? You may receive a defective item or charging cable. Please contact [email protected] for help.
  • I can't turn it on

Please fully charge it and try again. You need to press and hold the button for 2s and let go when you see the LED flash BLUE three times.

  • I can't pair it with my phone/tablet

      1. Most likely it's because your earbud isn't staying in pairing mode. If the device isn't in pairing mode please press the MFB button for 3-5s until the LED flahses RED and BLUE alternately.


      2. Many Bluetooth devices (including this one) automatically enter pairing mode the first time you turn them on. Thereafter if you want to pair it with a new device you need to manually enter its pairing mode.

Note: If pairing fails, please try to clear its pairing history, then try to pair them again.

  • It's in pairing mode, but my phone can't find it

Switch the Bluetooth function of your phone off, then turn on again. This will refresh the device list and you should see it now. 

  • It says connected - why isn't there any sound?

      1. Adjust the volume on your device to make sure it hasn't been set to mute

      2. Please set Apico as the default 'playback device' if using with PC/notebook.

      For Windows system

1) Right-click the speaker icon in the bottom-right of the taskbar and select “Playback  devices”.


2) Set the “Avantree Apico” as the “Default Device”.


* Image only for reference, product name may not be the same.

For Mac OS

1) Open Bluetooth Preferences (the blue highlight)

2) Put the headset into pairing mode, then the Macbook will find it. Then click the Pair button beside the device you want.

* Image only for reference, product name may not be the same.

For issues not covered above, you can check more from here. Or email [email protected] with your questions. 

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