Audition Pro / AS9P - Troubleshooting - Basic Operations Issues


Key words: re-connection/ voice prompts/ BASS/ connect with Windows10/ wired mode use

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Basic Operations Related- 


Q1:  Why isn't it working? (Why is there no sound?) 

Please refer this article. 


Q2: How to Connect Audition Pro with different devices? 

Please refer the follow links to know Audition Pro better- 

Video Guide; User Manual; Quick User Guide


Q3: Can the headphones reconnect with my paired device automatically? 

Yes! Audition Pro can auto-reconnect with the LAST paired device, that means you do Not need to re-pair Audition Pro with your device every time. Simply make sure both your device and Audition Pro are on, and then wait for 2~10s. They will auto-reconnect. 


Q4: Audition Pro/AS9P- How to turn off/on the Voice Prompts?  

Q5: Audition Pro/AS9P- How to turn BASS on / off?

Please press and hold  V+ and V- together for about 3 seconds while you are in the process of listening music. Once successfuly you will hear the voice prompts “Bass on” or “Bass off”. 


Q6: How to connect Audition Pro/AS9P with Windows 10 Laptop?

Please refer this link: Connect headset with Windows 10


Q7: Audition Pro/AS9P- The built-in mic doesn't work in wired mode, what can I do? 

If you use Audition Pro as wired headphones for calls, you need an audio cable with microphone. CLICK here to buy "audio cable with mic" on Amazon



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