Audition Pro / AS9P - Troubleshooting - Basic Operations Issues


THIS article illustrates some general Basic Operantion Related Q&A of Avantree Audition Pro (reconnection/ voice prompts/ BASS/ connect with Windows10/ wired mode use) aims to help customers to know your Audition Pro better and solve problems time saving. 

If your problem is not included in this article and the answers are helpless for you please feel free to contact directly. ❤️


Basic Operations Related- 


Q1:  Why isn't it working? (Why is there no sound?) 

Please refer this article. 


Q2: How to Connect Audition Pro with different devices? 

Please refer the follow links to know Audition Pro better- 

Video Guide; User Manual; Quick User Guide


Q3: Can the headphones reconnect with my paired device automatically? 

Yes! Audition Pro can auto-reconnect with the LAST paired device, that means you do Not need to re-pair Audition Pro with your device every time. Simply make sure both your device and Audition Pro are on, and then wait for 2~10s. They will auto-reconnect. 


Q4: Audition Pro/AS9P- How to turn off/on the Voice Prompts?  

Q5: Audition Pro/AS9P- How to turn BASS on / off?

Please press and hold  V+ and V- together for about 3 seconds while you are in the process of listening music. Once successfuly you will hear the voice prompts “Bass on” or “Bass off”. 


Q6: How to connect Audition Pro/AS9P with Windows 10 Laptop?

Please refer this link: Connect headset with Windows 10


Q7: Audition Pro/AS9P- The built-in mic doesn't work in wired mode, what can I do? 

If you use Audition Pro as wired headphones for calls, you need an audio cable with microphone. CLICK here to buy "audio cable with mic" on Amazon



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