Lock - General - Can I use the TX and RX unit separately?

Yes, you can. You can un-pair them by resetting both units.

1. Press and hold the pairing button for 5 seconds until you see BLUE and RED flashing alternately.

2. Quickly double click the button and now it is unlocked from TX / RX unit, indicating with LED flashes BLUE and RED simultaneously (like PINK). Then they will re-enter pairing mode, indicating with LED flashes BLUE and RED alternately.

3. You can pair them individually with other devices.


(1. This is a pre-paired set. Low latency can ONLY be achieved when using them as a set.

(2. Otherwise, your Bluetooth devices MUST be aptX Low latency suppoted for no lip sync delay when individually use.

More details refer to support.avantree.com for videos.

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