Priva IIA - shorter working range or signal on and off.

1, Mostly, this issue could be solved by turning off Wi-Fi Router, Smart TV, Ruko and     other Bluetooth devices around.

2, Reset (clear paired history) both devices and pair again.

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    When first I had this adapter the range with my Philips SHB8850NC was fine at my usual sitting distance from the TV - about2.5 - 3m. It also worked at the other end of the room. about 4.5m. For the past few week though it has cut in and out at only about 2.5m. This seemed to happen after the battery on the Avantree unit went flat and I recharged it. I have made sure that I have fully recharged it (and the headphones) fully and tried it several times but it hasn't fixed it. Can you suggest what I should do next. By the way, after the initial pairing the Avantree and the headphones pair automatically when they are turned on (and that is still OK, it seems to be the distance that's the problem. Thanks. Stuart.