Priva III - DFU - connecting to 2 headphones.

Bluetooth multi-point technology works best with products using the same brand of chipset utilizing the same audio codecs. Priva III uses a CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) chipset and high quality audio codecs (like AptX-LL) that give us very good audio quality.
If the Bluetooth devices you’re pairing with don’t use CSR and/or use a more lossy audio codec then audio issues may occur (e.g. one of the devices don’t work, the audio occasionally cuts out or there’s echo). 

We have a modified software version(V1) which you use to flash onto the Priva III that activates a lower level audio codec. While this software version can increase compatibility across more devices the trade-off is that there may be a negative impact on audio quality. 


1, Download and install below app to your computer:



2, Download below file to your computer and remember your saved path:



3, Open the pdf file and follow the instruction step by step:

DFU upgrade instruction.pdf


Then you can set both Priva III and your headphones into pairing mode for pairing and connection. 





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