Avantree Oasis Software Upgrade v28 (Echo Dot issue)

If you need to use Oasis with Echo Dot, streaming audio from Echo Dot as an Bluetooth transmitter and Oasis as a Bluetooth receiver, and if your Oasis Lot no. is 17F and before, you need to flash the software to v28. Here is a step by step guide:

Step 1. Please download and install below app to your computer :-


Step 2. Please download below file to your computer and remember your saved path:-

BTR023-v28 20170803.dfu

 Step 3. Open the doc file and follow the instruction step by step:-

Oasis DFU v28 instruction.docx

Then you can try to use Echo dot as Bluetooth transmitter with Oasis as Bluetooth receiver again. If there is any more issues, please email us support@avantree.com 


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