DG40S - Not working - Quick Fix

There are many not-working cases using this dongle. We have listed some typical symptoms to help you analyze it simply.



What to do

Before use LED indicators not light on Plug in the front USB or try others
Win 8, 10, no reflection after plug-in Install Bluesoleil from included CD / online download
Can't install Bluesoleil / charge for fee Disable the built-in Bluetooth or uninstall previously installed Bluetooth software
General use Can't pair with any Bluetooth device Set Bluetooth device into pairing mode
For headphones / speaker No sound out Set connected device as default device
  Bad sound quality Mute on / Disconnect handsfree profile after ending a VOIP call
For keyboard Ask for password try 1230, 0000 or refer to user manual of the keyboard
  Wrong password type the indicating password, then enter


Above are only some basic steps. For more detailed steps or video instruction, please try to search some keywords about your problem. If there are no results for you, please kindly contact us.

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