Cannot pair the Oasis with my Bluetooth device. What shall i do?

Avantree Oasis is a certified class 1 Bluetooth transmitter, and it reaches out VERY FAR.

Once in a while, this can make your initial pairing difficult as it might link to your neighbour's Bluetooth without your knowledge :)

If you experience pairing difficulty, pls do the following >

Solution 1

If your Bluetooth headphones / speakers was paired with your phone or PC, make sure you turn the Bluetooth function off from phone or PC.

Please reset Oasis AND your Bluetooth device BOTH and pair them again. Here is how you reset Oasis -

  • Slide Power/Mode switch to the Bluetooth position. Press and hold the bluetooth button to enter paring mode.
  • Then press and hold the  and buttons together until you hear voice prompt “pairing history cleared”

This will reset Oasis. How to reset your other device, pls check the product user manual. 

Most of the time, this will solve the paring issue. 

If still not, then you might need to do the following > 

Solution 2

Please wrap the antenna with tin foil paper as below and put your intended-to-pair device near Oasis. In this way can prevent the strong signal from unknown device. 

After connected, please remove the tin foil paper to get long Bluetooth range.



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