10BS - Troubleshooting - Always beep / turn it off completely?

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Avantree BTCK-10BS comes with motion sensor. The default setting of 10BS's Auto Power On function is on. This means it will be automatically turned on when you open the car door or do some other actions causing motion. Once powers on, it will beep and auto reconnect to the last paired mobile phones(for first use, it will enter paring mode). If the car kit can't connect to any device, it will auto power off after 2 minutes and beep again.

1. Please make sure that the Bluetooth of your mobile phone is on before you enter the car so that the car kit can auto reconnect to your phone. 

2. Our 10BS will automatically reconnect the last connected phone once power on; for other paired devices, you may need to manually click " Avantree 10BS" on your phone to reconnect. If it can't always reconnect your phone, you may have to reset to factory default settings and re-pair it.

How to reset to factory default settings?


3. If you don't want to use the car kit, you also can DISABLE this motion sensor function. 

How to enable / disable the "Auto Power ON" function?

4. It may be caused by low battery or defective battery, please make sure that CK11 is fully charged. OR you may remove the battery out and power up by the charging cable to check whether the problem has been solved.



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