10BS - My Bluetooth car kit always connects with my phone, How do I turn it off/on completely?

Avantree BTCK-10BS comes with motion sensor. The default setting of 10BS's Auto Power On function is on. This means it will be automatically turned on when you open the car door or do some other actions causing motion.

You also can DISABLE this motion sensor function. Simply press and hold the MUTE button for 4 seconds and you can see the Green LED flashing 3 times. Then the "Auto Power On" function was TURN OFF.

You can still turn on / off the car kit and it will stay in motion sensor off.

How to turn on the "Auto Power On" function again?

You need to, from power on, press and hold the "Mute Button" 4 seconds, the Green LED flashing once and the "Auto Power On" function was TURN ON again. 


Why is the car kit still connected to my phone when I arrive home?

It happened because 10BS and your smartphone is still within the effective operation range .
To Solve this problem, we suggest you to turn off the Bluetooth function from your phone.
For people whose garage is at home, the car kit can also be activated by motion in house. So in this case, you need to turn off the motion sensor feature when you leave the car. Do as the above instructions.


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