aptX Low Latency - Audio delay with different devices / under different audio codec?


Many Avantree products have incorporated the latest "aptx low latency" codec technology, for superior stereo quality sound without any noticeable delay (known as latency).

* Important note*

To take advantage of the better performance of aptX Low Latency codec, the other side Bluetooth device must support the same codec. If the other side device only supports the normal aptX codec, or the SBC one, these codecs will be used instead.       


How about the audio delay when use different wireless audio codec?

Wireless audio codec Audio delay
aptX™ HD ≥ 250ms
aptX™ Low Latency ~ 40ms
aptX™ ~ 70ms
FastStream ~ 40ms
AAC ~ 120ms
SBC (most standard Bluetooth audio codec) ~ 220ms

Note: The latency for FastStream is almost the same as aptX Low Latency, but the audio quality of aptX Low Latency is much better.

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