Priva III - Why sometimes my headphones cannot pair and connect with Priva III?

Reported Pairing issues are mainly due to the following reasons:

[1] 80% cases due to one of the devices is NOT in pairing mode or left pairing mode and interfered by other pre-paired device.

>>> solution: Read manual and make sure both devices are in pairing mode (also called discover-able mode) - normally LED fast (2-3 times/sec) flashing. If necessary, reset (clear the paired history) both devices and then pair again

[2] 10% cases due to internal Software confusion

>>> Solution: reset (clear the paired history) both unit and pair again

How to reset Priva III -

[3] 8% cases due to wireless interference due to wifi router, Smart TV, Ruko

>>> solution: turn the TV off and then pair

[4] 2% cases due to defective unit.

>>> solution: replacement 

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