Oasis - Troubleshooting Summary

Note: Hold and press the Voice Prompt on/off button for 3s to toggle the voice prompt on and off.

1. I am having trouble pairing and connecting to my Bluetooth device.
Please temporarily turn off Wi-Fi and other Bluetooth devices in your immediate vicinity when pairing your Oasis with your target Bluetooth device as these devices may interfere with the pairing process.

2. The audio on my headphones/speaker is cutting out and dropping.
Wireless devices such as Wi-Fi routers will affect the Bluetooth transmission of your Oasis. Please try to position your Oasis away from possible sources of wireless interference.
Please maintain a clear line of sight between your Oasis and your headphones as Bluetooth cannot transmit through walls or other physical obstacles.
If placement isn’t an issue then clearing the pairing history on BOTH your Oasis and your headphones then re-pairing them may fix these issues.

3. The range isn't as far as expected.
Please make sure that there are no obstacles between the two devices.
Please also note that Oasis is a long range Class 1 Bluetooth device. In order to reach its maximum range the receiving Bluetooth device (headphones/speaker) should also be a Class 1 device.

4. After connecting and pairing with my Bluetooth device, I can't hear any music from my sound system.
Make sure you select the correct audio input / ouput analog/digital by short pressing the AUX/OPTICAL button.
In optical mode, make sure your TV audio is set to PCM/LPCM format as the Oasis does not support Dolby/DTS format.

5. I am having trouble reconnecting to my Bluetooth headphones.
Please avoid turning on the Oasis and your device at the same time. Please try turning on one device first, then waiting 20-30s before turning on the other.

6. Reconnection is OK, but I can't hear any music from my headphones.
You can try one of the three solutions below.
Please turn off your headphones and turn on again.
Please press  button to switch AUX – OPT- AUX or OPT-AUX- OPT.
Please pair the Oasis and headphones again or try clearing the pairing history on both the Oasis and the headphones. Then try pairing them again.

7. We don’t suggest connecting to two Bluetooth speakers simultaneously as this may cause an echo effect or some other compatibility issues.  Certainly you can contact support@avantree.com to try to upgrade your firmware.

If you have any questions for this product, please contact support@avantree.com. We will usually respond within 24 hours.
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